Trump to Speak at Bitcoin Conference in Nashville on July 27 at 2 p.m. CT

Trump to speak at Bitcoin conference in Nashville on July 27, potentially influencing 13% of GOP voters.

By Alex P. Chase

7/10, 20:21 EDT
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Key Takeaway

  • Former President Trump will speak at the Bitcoin conference in Nashville on July 27, highlighting his pro-Bitcoin stance.
  • Trump's speech is scheduled for 2 p.m. CT on the last day of the conference, which runs from July 25-27.
  • His support for Bitcoin contrasts with previous misgivings and aligns with his recent pro-Bitcoin policies within the Republican Party platform.

Trump to Speak at Bitcoin Conference

The upcoming Bitcoin conference in Nashville, Tennessee, will feature a significant appearance by former President Donald Trump. The conference, scheduled to run from July 25-27, will see Trump speaking for 30 minutes at 2 p.m. CT on the final day. This announcement was confirmed by the conference organizers on Wednesday, following speculation fueled by reassigned speaker slots to accommodate a "very special guest."

Trump's recent pivot towards pro-Bitcoin rhetoric marks a notable shift from his previous skepticism during his first administration. His newfound support for the crypto industry was first highlighted at his NFT gala this spring, where he introduced pro-Bitcoin policies into the Republican Party platform. This move starkly contrasts with the current Biden administration's stance on cryptocurrency.

Polls Indicate Potential Voter Impact

A recent poll sponsored by crypto investment firm Paradigm suggests that Trump's embrace of cryptocurrency could positively influence his voter base. Conducted by Echelon Insights, the poll surveyed over a thousand likely GOP voters in mid-June. The results indicated that 13% of Republicans who were not initially planning to vote for Trump now view him more favorably due to his pro-crypto stance.

The poll also revealed that 60% of respondents believe Congress should establish clear regulations for crypto businesses, reflecting a general dissatisfaction with the current financial system among Republicans. Katie Biber, Paradigm's chief legal officer, and Alex Grieve, the company's government affairs lead, noted, "Republicans understand the appeal of crypto and support congressional action to establish clear and predictable rules."

Republican Demographics and Crypto Sentiment

The poll highlighted that more than one in four Republicans (28%) have engaged in crypto ownership, with this involvement skewing towards younger, male, and non-white demographics. Additionally, an overwhelming 94% of respondents believe their personal financial records should remain private. Among those familiar with central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), 68% opposed the idea for the U.S.

The sentiment towards crypto among Republicans is complex. While 36% of respondents had a positive impression of crypto, 30% held a negative view, with a margin of error of 3.5%. This indicates a nuanced perspective within the party. A separate Harris Poll in May showed that 31% of voters in key swing states had a positive view of crypto, and a third of the electorate indicated that candidates' crypto positions would influence their voting decisions.