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“Ruthless journey:” Lawsuit accuses Marc Realty’s Larry Weiner of $8.8M fraud, defamation

Lawsuit accuses Larry Weiner of withholding $8.8M in profits, seeks over $760K in damages.

By Tal Alexander

7/10, 10:03 EDT

Key Takeaway

  • David Ruttenberg sues Marc Realty's Larry Weiner for fraud and defamation, alleging withheld profits and defamatory remarks.
  • Ruttenberg claims Weiner used high-interest loans from NW Loan to exert financial control, resulting in $2 million in unnecessary interest.
  • The lawsuit seeks over $760,000 in damages and highlights a pattern of deceitful business practices by Weiner.

Legal Turmoil in Chicago Real Estate

A new lawsuit has cast a spotlight on Larry Weiner, a prominent Chicago landlord, depicting him as a business partner who employs "ruthless" and "illegal" tactics to exert financial and emotional control over his investors. David Ruttenberg, of Ruttenberg Gordon Investments, who co-owns over 50 properties with Weiner, filed the lawsuit in Cook County court on July 3, accusing Weiner of fraud and defamation. This legal battle is the latest in a series of disputes involving Weiner and his firm, Marc Realty, one of Chicago's largest commercial real estate owners. The lawsuit alleges that Weiner withheld profits, refused to sell underperforming assets, and defamed Ruttenberg with derogatory remarks.

The Allegations and Financial Disputes

The lawsuit details several accusations against Weiner, including withholding $8.8 million in profits from shared investment properties between 2019 and 2022, of which Ruttenberg claims to have received only $2.6 million. Ruttenberg also alleges that Weiner used high-interest loans from his company, NW Loan, to force Ruttenberg into accruing unnecessary interest, amounting to $2 million. The complaint seeks over $760,000 in damages and a court-ordered accounting of the shared investments. This case is part of a broader pattern of legal challenges against Weiner, including a previous lawsuit involving a joint venture in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where Weiner allegedly withheld payments owed to another partner, Vesta Capital.

Broader Implications in Real Estate Investment

The allegations against Weiner and Marc Realty highlight significant issues within the real estate investment sector, particularly concerning the use of high-interest loans to exert control over business partners. This case is reminiscent of other high-profile legal disputes in the real estate world, such as the lawsuit against Sonoma developers Ken Mattson and Timothy LeFever, who are accused of defrauding investors and mismanaging funds. These cases underscore the potential for financial misconduct and the importance of transparency and accountability in real estate investments.

My Perspective on the Market Dynamics

From my viewpoint, the ongoing legal battles involving Weiner and other real estate developers like Mattson and LeFever reveal a troubling trend of financial manipulation and lack of oversight in the industry. While real estate investments can offer substantial returns, the risks associated with unethical practices and legal disputes cannot be ignored. Investors must exercise due diligence and seek transparency in their dealings to avoid falling victim to such tactics. The market's response to these cases will likely influence future regulatory measures and investor behavior, emphasizing the need for stricter oversight and ethical standards.

Management Quotes

  • Larry Weiner, Principal of Marc Realty:

    "Rat’s nest of fraud and deceit."