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Alison Rose Joins Charterhouse as Senior Adviser in Return to Financial Sector

Ex-NatWest CEO Alison Rose Joins Charterhouse Capital Partners, which manages €5 billion in assets, as Senior Adviser.

By Mackenzie Crow

6/11, 13:21 EDT

Key Takeaway

  • Former NatWest CEO Alison Rose joins Charterhouse Capital Partners as a senior adviser, effective April.
  • Rose resigned from NatWest in July 2023 after a controversy involving Nigel Farage's account closure at Coutts.
  • Charterhouse manages €5 billion ($5.4 billion) in assets, focusing on mid-market European companies in services and healthcare sectors.

Alison Rose Joins Charterhouse

Former NatWest Group Plc CEO Alison Rose has taken on a new role as a senior adviser at private equity firm Charterhouse Capital Partners. This marks her return to the City of London a year after stepping down from her position at the UK bank. Rose's appointment to Charterhouse was confirmed by a spokesperson and took effect in April. Charterhouse, which manages assets worth approximately €5 billion ($5.4 billion), focuses on mid-market European companies in the services and healthcare sectors.

Rose was a prominent figure in the financial district until her resignation in July 2023, following a controversy involving the closure of an account held by politician Nigel Farage by NatWest subsidiary Coutts. The scandal erupted when Rose disclosed to a journalist that Farage's account was closed due to his financial situation. However, emails obtained by Farage revealed that bank staff had discussed his political views. As a result, NatWest announced in November that Rose would forfeit millions of pounds in pay, although the bank noted that "no finding of misconduct" had been made against her.

Background on the Farage Scandal

The controversy surrounding Alison Rose's resignation from NatWest stemmed from her involvement in the closure of Nigel Farage's bank account at Coutts. Rose informed a journalist that the account was closed due to Farage's financial status. However, subsequent revelations showed that internal discussions at the bank also considered Farage's political views. This discrepancy led to significant public and media scrutiny.

In response to the scandal, NatWest decided that Rose would forfeit millions of pounds in pay. Despite this, the bank clarified that there was "no finding of misconduct" against her. The incident highlighted the challenges faced by financial institutions in balancing client confidentiality with public interest, and it ultimately led to Rose's departure from NatWest.

Charterhouse's Focus and Strategy

Charterhouse Capital Partners, the private equity firm that Alison Rose has joined, manages assets worth around €5 billion ($5.4 billion). The firm targets mid-market European companies, particularly in the services and healthcare sectors. Charterhouse's investment strategy involves identifying and supporting companies with growth potential in these industries.

The appointment of Rose as a senior adviser is expected to bring valuable expertise to Charterhouse, given her extensive experience in the financial sector. Her role will likely involve providing strategic guidance and leveraging her network to support the firm's investment activities. Charterhouse's focus on mid-market companies aligns with Rose's background in managing large financial institutions and navigating complex regulatory environments.