Bain Bids $1.21B for Bapcor Amid Market Challenges

Bain Capital makes $1.2 billion bid for Bapcor, offering A$5.40 per share in cash.

By Barry Stearns

6/10, 19:46 EDT

Key Takeaway

  • Bain Capital has made a $1.21 billion unsolicited takeover offer for Bapcor Ltd, valuing shares at A$5.40 each.
  • Bapcor's shares have dropped over 48% since mid-2021 due to profit downgrades and management issues.
  • The offer is non-binding and conditional, with no guarantee of a finalized deal, highlighting market uncertainty.

Bain Capital's Takeover Offer

Private equity firm Bain Capital has made an unsolicited takeover offer for Australian automotive parts retailer Bapcor Ltd, valuing the business at more than A$1.83 billion ($1.21 billion). Bapcor, the parent company of car parts outlet Autobarn and servicing chain Midas, among other brands, announced on Tuesday that it had received an unsolicited and conditional A$5.40 per share cash offer from the US buyout firm last Friday. The company’s board will weigh the offer, Bapcor said.

Bapcor shares have declined more than 48% from their high in mid-2021 after a series of profit downgrades stemming from struggles with inventory and the preemptive departure of CEO-elect Paul Dumbrell. The announcement comes after the Australian Financial Review earlier this week reported the proposal from Bain Capital for Bapcor. Bapcor said it had received the offer from Bain Capital Private Equity, LP to buy the firm by way of a scheme of arrangement after market close on Friday.

Market Reaction

Bapcor's shares have experienced significant volatility in recent years, declining over 48% from their peak in mid-2021. This decline has been attributed to a series of profit downgrades, inventory management issues, and the unexpected departure of CEO-elect Paul Dumbrell. The offer from Bain Capital comes at a time when Bapcor is navigating these challenges, and the market's response to the offer will be closely watched.

"The Board cautions that at this time there is no guarantee that the indicative proposal put forward by Bain Capital will result in a binding offer or that any transaction will eventuate," the company clarified in an exchange filing. This statement underscores the uncertainty surrounding the potential deal and highlights the need for careful consideration by Bapcor's board and shareholders.

Financial Details

Under the terms of the proposal, Bapcor shareholders would receive A$5.40 cash per share. This valuation places Bapcor's equity at A$1.83 billion ($1.21 billion). The offer represents a premium over Bapcor's recent trading prices, which may be an attractive proposition for shareholders given the company's recent performance struggles.

The exchange rate used for the valuation is $1 = 1.5135 Australian dollars. This conversion rate is crucial for understanding the offer's value in both Australian and US dollar terms. The proposal from Bain Capital is non-binding and indicative, meaning it is subject to further negotiation and due diligence before any definitive agreement is reached.