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CA Ventures Faces $40M Foreclosure Lawsuits Amid Rising Interest Rates

CA Ventures faces $40M in foreclosure lawsuits on North Side properties, including a $32M debt on a 59-unit building.

By Doug Elli

5/23, 17:58 EDT

Key Takeaway

  • CA Ventures faces foreclosure lawsuits for $32M debt on a 59-unit building and nearly $6M on a 25-unit complex in Ravenswood.
  • Northbrook Bank & Trust seeks $2.3M from CA Ventures for an unpaid loan tied to a vacant development site at 750 West North Avenue.
  • LoanCore Capital's floating-rate loan to CA Ventures, issued in 2021, has become more expensive due to interest rate hikes, complicating repayment.

CA Ventures Faces Foreclosure Challenges

CA Ventures, a prominent Chicago-based development firm, is currently grappling with significant financial distress in the North Side multifamily market. The firm has triggered two foreclosure lawsuits and is on the brink of a third, primarily due to its inability to meet debt obligations. The most substantial of these issues involves a $32 million debt tied to a 59-unit building at 1900 West Lawrence Avenue in Ravenswood, as reported by Morningstar Credit. This situation is further complicated by additional foreclosure lawsuits filed by Northbrook Bank & Trust against CA Ventures affiliates for properties at 2247 West Lawrence and 750 West North Avenue.

Details of the Financial Strain

The financial strain on CA Ventures is evident in the specifics of the foreclosure lawsuits. Northbrook Bank & Trust is seeking nearly $6 million for the 25-unit complex at 2247 West Lawrence, which is currently listed for sale at nearly $9 million. Additionally, the bank is pursuing $2.3 million in debt for the vacant development site at 750 West North Avenue. The latter project, initially planned as an eight-story, 92-unit apartment building, lost its development approval earlier this year, necessitating a reapplication for construction permission. These financial woes are compounded by CA Ventures' ongoing legal battles with investors, lenders, and former employees, further straining the firm's resources.

Broader Market Dynamics

The challenges faced by CA Ventures are not isolated incidents but part of a broader trend in the real estate market. Rising interest rates have significantly impacted multifamily property owners, increasing monthly mortgage payments and squeezing profits. This is exemplified by Crystal Asset Management, which is 30 days delinquent on a $49 million loan for a multifamily property in Riverside County. The loan's interest rate surged from 4.2% to 9.5%, highlighting the financial strain caused by floating-rate loans in a rising interest rate environment. Arbor Realty Trust, the lender, has modified $1.9 billion in loans in the first quarter to stave off defaults, underscoring the widespread financial challenges in the market.

Implications for Real Estate Investors

The financial difficulties of CA Ventures and other property owners like Crystal Asset Management underscore the risks associated with floating-rate loans. As interest rates rise, the cost of servicing these loans increases, leading to higher delinquencies and potential foreclosures. This environment necessitates strategic financial planning and a keen understanding of market dynamics. Investors must carefully navigate these challenges, balancing the need for capital with the potential for increased financial strain. The broader implications for the real estate market are significant, with more properties likely to face similar challenges, leading to a potential increase in loan modifications and foreclosures.