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Magnetics Heir Sells $64.5M Estate Amid Bezos' $237M Buys

Dutch magnetics heir sells Indian Creek estate for $64.5M, highlighting the enclave's appeal to the ultra-wealthy.

By Tal Alexander

5/16, 16:45 EDT

Key Takeaway

  • Dutch magnetics heir Geert-Jan Bakker sells Indian Creek estate for $64.5M, following Jeff Bezos' $237M property acquisitions on the same island.
  • Bakker purchased the 1.2-acre estate in 2010 for $9.3M; the property features a 7,500-square-foot house with extensive amenities.
  • The sale adds to Indian Creek's reputation as a hub for high-profile residents, including Tom Brady and Ivanka Trump.

A High-Profile Transaction on Indian Creek Island

In a striking off-market deal, Dutch magnetics heir Geert-Jan Bakker has sold his waterfront estate on the exclusive Indian Creek Village for a staggering $64.5 million. This transaction underscores the island's status as a magnet for eight-figure home sales, attracting a constellation of high-net-worth individuals and celebrities. The property, located at 40 Indian Creek Island Road, was acquired by 40 ICIR, a Wyoming LLC managed by Capital Administrations, though the identity of the true buyer remains shrouded in mystery. This sale follows closely on the heels of billionaire Jeff Bezos' monumental $237 million acquisition of three estates on the same island, highlighting the enclave's allure to the ultra-wealthy.

The Legacy of Bakker Magnetics

Geert-Jan Bakker, an heir to the Bakker Magnetics fortune—a Netherlands-based company renowned for its innovative magnetic products, including systems for recycling and bulk handling in the food and pharmaceutical sectors—purchased the 1.2-acre estate for $9.3 million in 2010. The property, constructed in 1991, boasts a 7,500-square-foot residence complete with seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, two half-bathrooms, a swimming pool, and a private dock. This transaction not only marks a significant capital gain for Bakker but also reflects the escalating value of real estate in this ultra-exclusive community.

The Elite Enclave of Indian Creek Village

Indian Creek Village stands as a bastion of luxury and exclusivity, drawing in a roster of notable residents including Tom Brady, Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, and DJ David Guetta, alongside the recent addition of Jeff Bezos. The island's appeal is further magnified by its illustrious neighbors, such as Martin and Constance Silver, philanthropists and founders of the blood plasma firm Life Resources, and Alicia Ziegert, spouse of Miami-based developer Franco D’Agostino. This enclave's ability to attract individuals of such high calibre speaks volumes about its status as one of the most coveted residential areas in the United States.

Implications of the Indian Creek Sale

The sale of the Bakker estate at Indian Creek Village is emblematic of a broader trend in the luxury real estate market, where privacy, exclusivity, and security are at a premium. Transactions of this magnitude are not merely property acquisitions; they are strategic investments in a lifestyle that is unparalleled in its opulence and prestige. This deal, in particular, highlights the continued allure of Indian Creek Village as a sanctuary for the world's elite, underscoring the enduring value of waterfront properties in exclusive communities. Moreover, it reflects the dynamic nature of the luxury real estate market, where significant transactions can have ripple effects on property values and market perceptions.